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Daft Punk is cashing in on your sexuality. Capitalizing on the internationally collective orgasm that occurred when they released their Pharrell-graced reemergence track Get Lucky, Daft Punk has teamed up Durex to release a condom. The Get Lucky condom. Which makes us wonder why other artists haven’t taken this approach in the past.

The Bee Gees could have capitalized off their hit song Stayin Alive by making a condom that just works. There could also be the Ciara Body Party condom for R&B orgies, the 50 Cent condom that actually costs 50 cent, the Snoop Dogg Let’s Get Blowed condom made exclusively for blow jobs, the Baby Hit Me One More Time condom when you want to make it more than just a one-night stand or even a Michael Jackson Beat It condom for the really aggressive or guys who aren’t getting any but still like to make believe.