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Sacramento punk-rap agitators Death Grips have called it day, announcing the news in a hand-written note (on what looks like a bar napkin), posted on Facebook. They leave behind a legacy of four studio albums and no shortage of controversy. The former Death Grips personnel will be free to pursue other projects, like Zach Hill’s mathy rock band Hella.

Here is their farewell message.

While many have taken to social media to air their disappointment at the end of the project, the “all currently scheduled live dates are canceled” part of the announcement is a blow for tour organisers and promoters involved with the ex-band. Shortly after Death Grips’ public resignation, Austin’s Fun Fun Fun Fest posted this message, aping Death Grips’ delivery.

“We are now at our super best and so our relationship with Death Grips is finally over — we have decide to consciously uncouple forever, after being stood up twice at the altar, we had to look deep into our soul and ask if Death Grips really loves us or is capable of loving anyone, and the unfortunate answer is ‘no.’ We are better than that. So we have officially stopped following Death Grips on Twitter out of fear of seeing them at another show or with other fans — it’s just too soon. Our upcoming fest in November will still happen and with a replacement that loves you and us for who we really are, FF was and always has been a full on metal, physical, and cerebral sensory overload fiesta of delight anchored by butt-shaking, head-banging good times. Above and beyond a ‘fest,’ we deserve real love, and so do you. To our truest fans, please stay epic… and stay tuned.”

Likewise, Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor had booked Death Grips as a support for his tour. He too was not happy. Stay tuned for more details about Death Grips’ final release, part two of their The Powers That B double album, Jenny Death.