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J Dilla‘s uncle, Herman Hayes, has opened up a doughnut store in Detroit, Dilla’s Delights, to honour the Donuts producer’s legacy.

Hayes tells The Detroit News that he used to bring Dilla doughnuts when he was younger and that’s what got him hooked. Hayes, who is also a former baker, says making doughnuts in Dilla’s name is a way to honour and preserve his nephew’s memory.

Twenty different types of doughnuts will be on the menu at Dilla’s when it opens some time in October or November this year. All these doughnuts will have names that pay tribute to Dilla’s life, from the Conant Gardens Glaze which is a nod to the neighbourhood where Dilla was raised: Fantastic Fritters for Fantastic, the album Dilla put out with Detroit hip-hop troupe Slum Village; McNasty Macaroons tips a hat to McNasty Filth, a track Dilla did with his side project Jaylib.

Besides doughnuts, Dilla’s will also be spinning some audio delights with Hayes saying he plans to have decks spinning Dilla’ s tracks as well as those he sampled.

Hayes feels the shop is the best way to give back to Dilla for the music he gave us, saying “I want to honor my nephew in the right way, and this is a good way to do it. Not by putting out another album, but putting a sustainable business with his name on it that I plan on being in Detroit long after I’m gone. It’s just what I can give back to him for giving us that music.”

Jamie-Maree Shipton