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Dev Hynes has enjoyed a huge 2013 with the success of his critically acclaimed sophomore Blood Orange record, Cupid Deluxe. However, that has all been overshadowed by a tragic apartment fire overnight that perished all of the producer’s treasured belongings including his dog, Cupid.

But now in what’s becoming an uplifting turn of events, a GoFundMe kickstarter page started by Hynes’ girlfriends’ mother is starting to take off thanks to the magic of Internet people power. They had a goal of raising $5,000, but at the time of posting they’ve already surpassed $13,500. Can you feel that? I think they’re the feels of Christmas spirit.

“Please donate if you can. Even a dollar will help,” she writes, so if you’re feeling generous you can join the cause and donate here.

Finally, let’s have a moment of silence for Cupid. RIP you beautiful creature.

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