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Vince Staples is usually a pretty humble guy, but everybody needs to flex sometimes. Yesterday, he took some time to talk about his music and success; and seemed to claimed he did Valee’s ‘Womp Womp’ flow back in 2017.

On Twitter Vince wrote, “We’re not even going to talk about the second verse of BagBak with the wamp wamp flow people been stealing. That song came out before wamp wamp too.” Listening to the single from his 2017 album Big Fish Theory, you can definitely hear some similarities between the flows in Vince’s second verse, what Valee did with ‘Womp Womp’, and how Somepurpp and Lil Pump flowed on ‘Nephew’. Vince makes it clear he’s not salty about it though—“shoutout the whole of Chicago I love that song”—and there’s no Valee beef on the horizon.

Quite a few rappers have been accused of mimicking newcomer Valee’s flows this year. Beyond the ‘Nephew’ similarities, Tyler The Creator and 6ix9ine have also been accused of borrowing the flow Valee used for his feature on Z-Money’s ‘Two 16’s’. Valee fans think Tyler bit it on ‘Okra’, and 6ix9ine used it for ‘Fefe’.

Check out Valee’s song ‘Womp Womp’ here and listen to Vince Staples’ ‘Bagbak’ below to make a comparison for yourself. The second verse starts around the 58 second mark.

Weekly updates