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Weekly updates


How good was yesterday? By yesterday I mean Sunday. Now that it’s finally getting warmer in Melbourne, my love for the ol’ day-o-rest has been reignited. Aside from the whole ‘Fuck work starts tmw’ downer, Sundays might just be the best day out there.

Which brings me to this sweet free download from my mate Mexi. Whilst he’s now living Stateside doing whatever it is one does in So-Cal, back in the day when I first moved to Melbourne he hosted a day party at Section 8 on a Sunday with his partner (dj not life) No Name Nathan, called Jackpot Sundays. And a jackpot it was. The day would kick off at 4pm and run till 11pm and was a heady mix of hangovers, Hip-Hop, Downtempo, Dancehall, Funk, gin, juice, weed and good weather. Ahh, those were good times.

And I’m reliving those good times right now, as Mexi has created a mix in homage to those awesome days of summer. And this one here is a labor of love, two years in the making:  “This mix was a nightmare to construct. I started it back in 2011, mixing live into Audacity on a dying G5 iMac. The leaking capacitors in the iMac were wreaking havoc on my recordings. Whole recordings would be ruined by glitches, forcing me to start again.
I left the mix alone in it’s basic form for 12 months until finally making the effort to hunt samples for the intro this year.”

Well it was worth the wait, your Sunday now has the perfect soundtrack. Full track listing below. You can download it for free here. BRING ON SUMMER!

Mexi – Jackpot Sundays Vol.1 [2013] [VINYL ONLY] by Mexi on Mixcloud


01 Brother From Another Planet – Goodnight Kiss [Steppin’ Stone]

02 DJ Flip – Forever Rangers (Instrumental) [Netgroove]

03 DJ Food – Paul’s Skank [Ninja Tune]

04 Grand Supreem – Microphone Fiend (Adapted) [Bastard Jazz]

05 Hero No.7 – Be Somebody [7 Hills Records]

06 Miles Bonny – Miles Gets open [MPM]

07 Lee Fields – My World [Truth & Soul]

08 Louis Slipperz & Rawdog – JD On Ice ft. Task Force [Rawdog]

09 King Tee & Phil the Agony – Back Up [Fat Lace Music]

10 Scapegoat Wax – We Got Somethin’ (Instrumental) [Hollywood Records] /
Roots Manuva – Juggle Tings Proper (acapella) [Big Dada Recordings]

11 Junior Kelly – If Love So Nice [Greensleeves Records]

12 Barrington Levy – Two Sounds [Time 1 International]

13 Frighty & Colonel Mite – Life (Is What You Make It) [Mogul Records]

14 Peanut Butter Wolf – Run The Line ft. Rasco & Q-bert (Mark the 45 King Remix) [Copasetik Recordings]

15 Nightmares On Wax – The Sweetest [Warp Records]

16 DJ Jon Doe – All The Way Down [Greedy Man]

17 GZA – Liquid Swords [Geffen]

18 RJD2 – Rain [Bustown Pride Records] / Alkaholiks – Mary Jane (alkapella) [Loud Records]

19 Maker – Elephant Strut [Bully Records]

20 Beats International – Invasion of the Estate Agents [London Recordings]

21 Bjork – I Miss You ft. Rodney P
(Dobie’s Rub Part Two – It’s a Hip-Hop Thing. Underwater Mix) [Elektra]

22 MHE – 008