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E3 unveils official trailer for Kanye West’s “Only One” video game

Yeezy is playing a lot more than just the 'Blame Game' these days

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Considering he’s been on his own rap game ever since the beginning, it almost makes perfect sense that Kanye is seriously defining the game this time. Well, at least his game that is.

We know, of course, that Kanye has always been one for surprises, and the surreal The Life of Pablo premiere in February definitely affirmed that. From passing around the AUX chord to mates like Vic Mensa, to the cheeky cameo from Naomi Campbell, the event was as sensationalised and as Ye as it gets. And just because revealing the line for Yeezy Season 3 to the modest crowd at Maddison Square Garden wasn’t enough, he also showed the trailer for his upcoming and very first video game. And don’t fear, it’s not a Kanye version of the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood app (not to say we wouldn’t play that either, but maybe one thing at a time for now, Yeezy).

Now you can check out the trailer for Kanye’s game which has made it to the internet, and it’s as heartwarming (albeit perplexing) as the first time he showed it off. Formally released at E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo in LA this Monday, the game comes from a collab between Yeezy and the animation studio Encyclopedia Pictura. Directed by the talented Isiah Saxon and Sean Hellfristch, the game will let you play Donda on her upward journey as she flies through the gates of heaven.

Based on the name of his 2014 song ‘Only One’, the original premiere of the game saw Kanye telling his audience that he was laughed at when he first pitched the idea. Now, the trailer features a stripped back version of the song as we watch an angel Donda soaring up in the sky and it’s so pretty that we’re convinced there isn’t much in the creative realm Kanye can’t extend his reach to. Only One has been in the works for about a year now with still no concrete release date having been confirmed. If Kanye has taught us anything, though, it’s that he’ll probably just do whatever he feels is right and we’ll be lucky if we get a series of tweets in the lead-up that give away the probable ups and downs of his creative process.

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