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News of Earl Sweatshirt aka Swampman’s imminent album actually cured my hangover. No lie, thirty minutes ago I was glued to El P‘s Twitter feed, soaking up developments of a fuccboi attack and catching glances of my sorry-ass expression whenever the background darkened to illuminate a photo. Then I saw this:

And boom! I’m awake. I’m elated. I’m optimistic of future in which Earl Sweatshirt has brought out an album called I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside that bangs so hard it metabolised the alcohol in my liver in advance and made me happy again. Praise be. 

The new album will be a neat 10 tracks that features only one Odd Future member – Na’kel Smith, who apart from complimenting Earl in the satyrical Hog Slaughta Boys, isn’t really in the group’s musical contingent. This is the track list:

01 Huey
02 Mantra
03 Faucet
04 Grief
05 Off Top
06 Grown Ups [ft. Dash]
07 AM // Radio [ft. Wiki]
08 Inside
09 Dna [ft. Na’kel]
10 Wool [ft. Vince Staples]

First up, ‘Wool’ is a buffet of bars that will rattle the windows of Honda Civics everywhere. Secondly, on paper, the album is evident of a divide between different segments of the OF camp that appears to show distance between the group’s core members, but if that is the case, it will be interesting to see how Earl’s tastes have developed as a satellite member.

In conjunction with news of the album drop, a single has been released.

‘Grieve’ sounds like Clams Casino slowed to the point of melancholia and covers topics like drinking as a coping mechanism and people acting like snakes.

Moments after El P Tweeted Pitchfork’s cover of the album it became apparent that Earl wasn’t cool with the album being released at all. Over the past month he’s been binge-posting snippets of new music on Instagram enough to foreshadow an album or mixtape or at least something being on the way, but it seems someone at Sony did him wrong and the release didn’t go how Earl had planned.







Whether it didn’t happen the way Earl wanted it to or not, the news has been broken, and though he’s pissed at someone, he hasn’t denied that the album will in fact be out next week, and pre orders are still available on iTunes where the album is slated to be available on March 23.

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