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The first time I encountered Yeo, he was fresh to the Melbourne scene and was singing an indie pop song about Selma Blair. Fast forward a few years and he’s racking up plays in excess of 55k a month on his newest release. I really like Yeo. He’s weird in a kitsch way, but in a more sophisticated way than the  Zooey Deschanel of the world. This video by Rhett Wade-Ferrell of Melbourne collective MOOP JAW and Yeo, for his latest single ‘Kobe’, can provide some clarity on what I mean by that. Have a look below:


Where are you from?

The hard knock streets of Brisbane, by way of Melbourne.

What is unique about your local music scene?

Its diversity, strength, and tendency for punters to fold their arms at shows.

Describe your sound in three words. Go!


What makes you unique as an artist?

I genre-hop and I never give up. Energizer bunny, but more like an energizer shark who likes hugs.

Have you heard any new music lately? Got any recommendations?

Yeah! Balthazar put out a record called ‘Applause’. It’s a darker version of Phoenix vs. Gorillaz pop, with Damon Albarn–like touches and hip-shaking production. Also, that ‘Singles’ record by Future Islands is pretty killer.

Tell us a little about this release

‘Kobe’ is the second single from the forthcoming EP, called Come Find Me. ‘Kobe’ is about carving your own path, seeing who will come with you, or meet you halfway, and, in the end discovering who actually matters in your life. It follows the first single ‘Girl,’, which was my attempt at minimal beat-nerding. The whole EP is a gateway to my future stylistic experiments, which I hope everyone will enjoy when they finally arrive.

What inspired the artwork for this track?

The seasonal cherry blossoms of Japan, the country in which the city Kobe actually resides.

Is there a video component? What’s the story behind the video?

Yes! Proudly so. To me the video is about generating empathy, and giving the middle finger to nine-to-five living. The director, Rhett Wade-Ferrell from MOOP JAW, saw it all in a dream. When I read the treatment, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Then I saw the first cut, and I knew that the main character and myself would be best friends if we ever met.

What else are you working on at the moment? 

I have a lot going on. I’m working on a cassette due for limited release after Come Find Me. It will feature artwork from Polish artist Rafał Karcz, and is to be released through Healthy Tapes. It will have two songs, both collaborations, one with my housemate Yule Post, and another with Marisa Cristina from New York up-and-coming vintage electro-wizards CityGirl. Also I’m halfway through another EP that will follow shortly after. Everything else I’m involved in, I’m not at liberty to talk about.

Do you have any shows coming up?

An entire tour actually! So exciting. We are hitting 12 dates across Australia over the next two months, the first was in Melbourne at the Northcote Social Club on Friday June 6. Check out my website for all the details.

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