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Music maestro Giorgio Moroder is often hailed as a pioneer for disco and electronic dance music. After dropping off the music scene for a couple of decades, the 73 year old producer came back hard and fast last year with his collab with French electronic duo, Daft Punk. Kickstarting his music once again, Moroder has a few big things lined up, including a new album and a collaboration with milkshake-loving Kelis. Most recently, he released a remix of Coldplay‘s ‘Midnight’, taken from their upcoming album Ghost Stories.

The 9 minute track comes decked out with everything Giorgio Moroder, including fast-paced beats, disco synth, and his own signature robotic vocals. The track takes a fresh angle on the usual Coldplay sound, and it’s to be thoroughly enjoyed by both disco lovers and Coldplay fans alike.

The Italian phenomenon’s reworking is available to download now, exclusively from iTunes.com/Coldplay.

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