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It feels like the early 2000’s – circa 2002 The Real Slim Shady and my obsession with Eminem.

I’m no gamer. When it comes to continuously pushing minuscule buttons on a game remote I don’t have the reaction time, plus I’d rather the remote be changing a TV channel. Nonetheless I’m all about the upcoming release of Call Of Duty: Ghosts in November.

Eminem’s hiatus has come to an end with his newest track ‘Survival‘ being launched with the COD launch today, and it’s set to be featured throughout the lead-up marketing campaign. I’d happily sit and die over and over in the games virtual reality if it means Eminem is on repeat. And at this stage it looks like that’s the only choice we all have to currently hear any fresh Eminem as a date hasn’t been released for an upcoming album, but it is on it’s way.

With COD’s 100 million strong player audience the whole world will soon be converted into an Eminem frenzy and multiplayer’s world wide will be screaming “I’m the real Slim Shady” as the conduct successful operations and shoot each other point blank.

Finally gamer geeks and wiggas will have something in common.

P.S I was totally kidding about being a hardcore, dramatic, sad fan girl and going to weird lengths to simply listen to the new track, we have the full track for you below.

Jamie-Maree Shipton