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Weekly updates

THINK OF THE CHILDREN! There would have been a bunch of pissed off mums (and enthusiastic fathers) on the front steps of ol’ Miley Cyrus’ crib yesterday. The singer tweeted a pic of her Halloween decorations, a number of pumpkins carved into depictions of girl on girl luvin, a couple doing doggy and a weed leaf with 4:20. Cute. You gotta give this girl credit for her commitment to the ‘ratchet’  lyfe. Never slippin. Accompanying the pic was the caption:

xxxxxxplicit pornkinzzz ‪#beware ‪#happyfuckinghalloween  

All I can think about is what unfortunate soul had to carve these out. You really need to be questioning your life choices when you’re sweating it out, cutting your fingers and shit, carving out a fat dude doing a girl on a pumpkin for Miley Cyrus to tweet a pic of. Or maybe that means you’ve made it. What do I know…


At any rate the pic seemed to elicit some pretty passionate responses, including this one, which got 185 retweets…

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 12.13.56 pm

Oh internet….