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Have you seen that poster that’s been doing the rounds promising a too-good-to-be-true triple bill Australian tour of Daft Punk, Justice, and The Chemical Brothers? Turns out that it’s completely fake. But now there’s an even more implausible Daft Punk related rumour doing the rounds, and bizarrely it looks like this one actually has some substance to it.

According to numerous sources, the French duo will be premiering their incredibly anticipated new album Random Access Memories in the rural New South Wales town of Wee Waa. The event will be going down at the 79th Annual Wee Waa Agricultural Show on Friday the 17th of May, an event that traditionally consists of cross cut saw competitions, ute musters, and clown troupes. According to show officials, the event will consist of playback of the full album from a custom built stage as just one of the many exciting events happening across the show weekend. For the sceptics out there – heres some confirmation via the utterly charming Wee Waa Show homepage.

There will be 4,000 tickets available from this Friday the 12th of April via the local Crossing Theatres site. For any local Wee Waa-ians reading, rest assured that if your an existing member of the Wee Waa Show Society you’ve already got a guaranteed ticket. By all appearances this is either a completely verified event, or a very cleverly executed hoax. But before you all start planning your road trips, it would be remiss of us not to point out that even if this the real deal there’s no actual confirmation that Daft Punk will actually be there for the ‘playback performance’. But given the current state of EDM push-and-play DJs you might not be able to tell anyway.