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Weekly updates

Hype Williams are notoriously mysterious. Slanderously named after the famous hip-hop video director and comprising of Berlin’s Inga Copeland and London’s Dean Blunt (though those names are fake); they have come from a fine art/photography/writing background, with (probably) hyperbolic rumours that one of them was an underground boxer… so TBH, we’re not sure who they exactly are, or what exactly they’re about.

Their first release, 2010’s Find Out What Happens When People Stop Being Polite, And Start Gettin’ Reel was initially released as YouTube videos and it shouldn’t surprise you then that the band’s sound consists of very lo-fi, home-grown recordings incorporating hip-hop and ’80s references and that their live show transcends the line between music and performance art, using smoke, light shows and in one case… treadmills and elaborate tin foil masks.

Playing only a handful of shows and impossible to interview, Hype Williams are touring Australia in June for three select gigs in Sydney/Melbourne/Perth, get dates and ticket info below:

14th June – Goodgod Small Club, Sydney
 15th June – Roxanne Parlour, Melbourne
16th June – The Bakery, Perth