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Event Recap: FOMO 2017

If you weren't there, you *definitely* missed out

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We’re back at it for 2017 but not without some sweet memories from the festival season. Our friends at BBE have pulled off another hugely successful round of FOMO festival and we must admit, along with most people stuck in Melbourne this weekend, we do feel a pang of FOMO. With this season bringing the boutique event to two more cities – Sydney and Adelaide – and featuring some of today’s most in-demand young artists (hi Desiigner, Metro Boomin, GoldLink, and co), as well as some seasoned vets in their respective genres, including JME and quite possibly the last chance to see the original pairing of Flosstradamus, it’s clear this festival is pushing the boundaries of ’boutique’. It is also the perfect breeding ground for some of Australia’s burgeoning talents, as evidenced in performances by Lastlings, Maribelle, George Maple, and Feki, among others. Already can’t wait to see what the team put together next year.

So while we couldn’t enjoy it IRL, we will have to make do with the excellent snaps captured by photographer Waylon Palmer, while playing our specially curated FOMO Spotify playlist below.


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