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Event recap: Melbourne – Anklepants

Weirdness ensued, obviously

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We’ve just had a hot weekend in Melbourne (finally), so it wouldn’t have been unusual to see people in their swimsuits—you were probably one of them. What might be deemed unusual is to see a person sporting swimming trunks and a life vest in the club on a Friday… unless that person was also wearing an animatronic penis mask and glowing crown, and then it seems fairly on-brand. Anklepants AKA Reecard Farché, hit Melbourne’s Brown Alley on Friday and, yes, we were there to finally witness it in real life, and he didn’t disappoint. The producer put on another energetic performance to the hyped crowd (and one unicorn puppet), with his mini-crown lit up and his (animatronic) dick in the air. You have to see it to believe it.

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