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While we’re likely not too far off Donald Trump’s reign of terror as our supreme American overlord, it’s important we remember that Barack Obama is the incumbent, and still accountable to the demands of the people of the United States of America. The people have spoken once again, by starting a White House petition to use Obama’s executive powers to force the release of SWISH, the much anticipated seventh album from Kanye West. The petition found a home on We The People, a site developed by the government that “allows Americans to ask the Obama Administration to take action on a range of important issues facing our country”. The description reads:

“Kanye West has kept us thirsty for too long. We haven’t gotten any new singles in months. The President should order Ye to drop the album on the date August, 21st as his producer Mike Dean has been teasing people about.”

The petition haphazardly requested that West release the album on a date that’s been gleaned from a fake Twitter DM floating around accredited to Dean. In actuality, Kanye’s go-to producer only gave Montreality a non-committal quote in a recent interview, saying that “whenever Kanye says it’s done, it’s done.” While the petition gained tens of thousands of signatures, it was quickly shut down, with the folks at the Whitehouse deeming it was in violation of We The People’s terms of participation and their moderation policy.

We have to imagine that this is actually just a further escalation of the beef between Yeezus and Obeezy, which goes all the way back to comments the president made in 2009 after the Taylor Swift VMAs incident, describing the rapper as a “jackass”. Ye later responded in 2013, explaining that the most powerful man in the world was wrong for criticising him. He also addressed Barack’s shots at his wife Kim Kardashian, when the president denounced American’s obsession with celebrity culture, saying “I think he shouldn’t mention my baby mama name”.

Earlier this year, in a lecture for Oxford University students, West claimed that he can “call Obama out of the blue”, and that when the president needs him, he hits his home phone. Obama denied this on Jimmy Kimmel Live however, saying that he didn’t think he had his home number (but didn’t deny having him on the celly). Yeezus shot back in a comment to paparazzi, explaining that “he called our house before–he knows that”. Later in May, he told Ryan Seacrest: “No one is looking at what [Barack Obama] is wearing. Michelle Obama cannot Instagram a [bikini] pic like what my girl Instagrammed the other day”. This latest sneak diss will likely only add to the list of things Kanye doesn’t like about Obama; forget Meek versus Drake, this is real beef.

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