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Five Acts Not To Miss at Let Them Eat Cake, 2016

Kick off your year the right way

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New Years Eve is a nightmare. You know, I know it, and anyone who’s ever tried to get a taxi at 3am on Jan 1 knows it. So why do we subject ourself to this night of stress, unrealistic expectations, and bitter disappointment? I don’t know, but I’ve had enough. So this year, I’ll be keeping it quiet while everyone runs amuck and instead of ringing in another year with a crippling hangover – I’ll be heading to the picturesque lawns of the Werribee Mansion for Let Them Eat Cake. You should do the same, and if you’re not convinced here are five reasons to change your mind.

01. Motor City Drum Ensemble

German born Danilo Plessow, aka Motor City Drum Ensemble, is a house and techno visionary. Imbuing electronic sounds with disco and funk touches, he’s got one of the most eclectic soulful selections of songs going around. Plessow creates the perfect music for melting in the summer sun, and this New Years day will be no different. If you’ve got any doubts, check out his recent set at Amsterdam’s Dekmantel festival.

02. Andras & Oscar

Local stalwarts Andras & Oscar will be playing Let Them Eat Cake off the back of a recent European tour. Expect lush instrumentation and soulful vocals, typified by their full length release Cafe Romantica. The duo have honed their skills at the likes of Golden Plains and Sugar Mountain festival, and make for the perfect local representatives on an already stellar line up.

03. Slum Village

If you’re a hip-hop fan, you’re most likely a Slum Village fan. The group, founded by the legendary J-Dilla, created two instant classics that changed the trajectory of hip-hop. Despite numerous lineup changes, and the untimely deaths of both Dilla and Baatin, the group has persevered. This year saw them release Yes! a 12-track full length, featuring a host of never before heard Dilla beats. Don’t miss your chance to catch these legends in the flesh.

04. Fortunes

Relative newcomers to the local scene, New Zealand born Fortunes are one to watch. Pairing emotionally charged R&B with minimalist instrumentation, the group are quickly making a name for themselves. Conor McCabe’s vocals are definitely best experienced live – think mid-’00s JT by way of The Internet.

05. Machinedrum

You’ve most likely heard at least one of the musical endeavours that Travis Stewart has been involved with. Whether it’s his production work for the likes of Jesse Boykins II or Azalea Banks, via the groups that he’s part of that include Sepalcure, Jets, and Dream Continuum, or through his solo project Machinedrum. As well as being prodigiously prolific, Stewart is an incredibly talented musician. Don’t miss your chance to see him perform live in the flesh.