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It’s hard outchea for artists. Industry drama, lack of motivation, changing audiences, can all contribute to a steady decline in self-confidence. Case in point: T-Pain. ICYMI, the recording artist, who was once tight with Kanye West, recently revealed his deep depression and self-destructive behaviour as he became disheartened with the music industry. Looks like things are finally on the up though, according to this new interview with The Fader.

Talking about that dark period in his life, T-Pain credits his wife’s strength in his recovery.

“She knew how bad I was doing and how I was like, clinically depressed. It was just bad. I couldn’t do anything, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t stop drinking. I was doing drugs…She never let go no matter how bad it got. She never let go and she refused to.”

Surprisingly, another woman he credits with his re-entry into the music industry is British pop newcomer FKA Twigs. When speaking on their recent collaboration, T says that the songstress changed his life.

“It’s been a whole different experience. Twigs actually changed my whole perspective on the music industry. She made me proud of myself again, the way she was talking to me…it changed my life, you know, the way she looked at things, and I tell her every time I talk to her.”

Having signed a new deal and teed up to star in movies, as well as being back in the studio, it looks like we’ll be seeing a lot more of T-Pain in the near future (sans dreadlocks). In the meantime, you can read the full Fader interview here.