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Looks like fans of The Simpsons aren’t going gaga for Lady Gaga. In this hi-tech graph plotting the IMDB scores of every episode, it shows that Gaga’s episode was the least popular among viewers. The episode, titled “Lisa Goes Gaga” aired in 2012 and had the lowest average score in the show’s 25 seasons.

In the episode, the singer goes to Springfield where all the residents are depressed. She attempts to help a depressed Lisa and teach her the meaning of happiness. Bless.

Receiving an average score of 4.9, the episode was closely followed by “All Singing, All Dancing” which got a 5.2 average. The highest scoring episode was “Homer The Smithers” which scored a rating of 9.1, which is weird because everybody knows that “Selma’s Choice” (the Duff Gardens episode) is the best ever and that only scored 7.4.

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