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Gucci Mane drops visuals for ‘No Sleep’

No sleeping for La Flare when the album is only days away

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Considering he recorded his upcoming album Everybody Looking in just six days, it seems highly likely that Gucci Mane has been getting zero sleep. Whether this is owed to Young Thug and Mike WiLL never going home or the various semi-clothed girls lounging around, we’re not too sure. Of course, Gucci will tell you it’s because he’s “got too much to say”. Either way, it seems like the party isn’t letting up and neither is the grind for the recently-released rapper. Having dropped the track ‘No Sleep’ on July 15, the visuals that have just arrived act as a very swift follow-up—which is what we are coming to expect from the Atlanta rapper since his release from prison. In fact, he was back in the studio within the hour that he walked free.

The spotlight is on Gucci as he doesn’t hold back for a minute, delving into his history as both a drug dealer and now as a recovering drug addict. The forthcoming album is set to drop on July 22 and boasts some hype-worthy features from the likes of Drake, Kanye, and Young Thug. Not to mention it’s produced by Zaytoven and Mike WiLL, so it’s pretty safe to say that we are counting down the days. Yep, only a few more sleeps until it’s dropped but if you’re in Gucci’s situation that really means nothing because, well, he’s not getting any sleep apparently. Of course, we’d cop the album even sooner if his Instagram blew up, but we’re over a million shy of that 3M goal Guwop set a few days back on Twitter.

Directed by Gabriel Hart and set in La Flare’s mansion, house arrest doesn’t seem so grim when you’re surrounded by a bunch of twerking girls. And we can tell he’s pretty happy too, based off that famous billion-dollar-smile that flashes at the end of the clip.

One of the standard steps in beating any addiction is being open and telling your family and friends what you’re struggling with. Guwop takes it to another level and basically tells the whole world he’s recovering, and doing so in apparent style, with more Jordans than we’d know what to do with. Evidently he’s been riding a pretty crazy wave since he was released but we are 100% here for Gucci. We are also lowkey here for the pillow fight at the end of the video… Check it out in the gallery above and stay well tuned for the album drop. Or be a real one and make 1 million spam accounts and get it to drop a few days sooner. That might also require getting no sleep for a day or two, but hey, do it for Gucci.

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