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Weekly updates

The sun drenched and submerged beats of Melbourne artist naps span coral seas and tropical jungles – and that’s just his first EP. Part of the THIS THING collective alongside Galapagoose and Wooshie and with distinctly atmospheric sound, naps releases his music alternatively on CDRS wrapped in canvas. Scroll through the gallery above while naps presents his HANDFUL of tracks that have inspired him.

1. yuk – Sundaze
“Simple, rough and natural. yuk’s first [and only] tape ‘A D W A’ is probably one of my favourite releases in the past 5 years. Amazingly dense rhythms and proves that often less is more.”

2. Run DMT – Romantic
“Definitely one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. I could listen to this on repeat for hours – incredible amount of raw emotion. Almost seems as if it was recorded in one take. Run DMT also heads the wonderful Culture Dealer label out of Baltimore.”

3. Dolphins into the Future – Ho’okena Halawai
“Dolphins into the Future was one of the first ambient/collage artists I began listening to a few years ago. I love how although the music itself is quite repetitive, I’m never bored of it. He does a really amazing job at transporting you to another place. I’ve learnt a lot listening to his music, and it’s led me to some really great early New Age. (Most of my tape collection is now made up of New Age/Meditation music).”

4. Ryan York – The Other Side of the Backwater
“On a similar tip to Dolphins into the Future. Beautiful, repetitive collages. Ryan’s music has encouraged me to use my own voice as a method of creating layers and textures rather than as a lead or focal point of a song.”

5. The Fugees – How Many Mics
“This was the first hip-hop album I’d ever heard. It was completely different from anything I’d been listening to before, and there’s no better combination of MCs than Praz, Lauryn and Clef. Although it’s totally different to the other four tracks, this is pretty much what started it all for me. Somehow, as a result of this album, I’ve gotten to the point where I am now.”

Download naps’ debut EP earthsea below: