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Weekly updates

In a sea of music, it’s hard to find those voices that manage to capture pure feeling, that seem to hold emotion with each sung lyric. While the seductive and soft music of Guerre could be labelled as ‘neo-soul’ and ‘post-dubstep’ – its seems like audio explorations into sentiment. The whispered, affecting vocals and anguished lyrics pull at your heart and ears – and of course, he’s a talented producer too, remixing fellow Sydney-siders Albatross and Rainbow Chan, and even makes Matt Corby sound hip. In this HANDFUL the Sydney artist has curated five tracks that have inspired his sound. From the timeless Nina Simone to a ghostly YouTube that only has around 30 views check out the entrancing tracks by scrolling through the gallery above.

Gray – Drum Mode
“Meditative rhythms. Original content upload. And Jean Michel Basquiat’s band. Very cool vibes.”

Gwilym Gold – Faithless Arms (live in the boiler room)
“This boi is channelling some serious Thom Yorke vibes. Beautiful procession of chords, one by one. This is some voodoo bizness.”

Bjork – One Day (Live at Sheppards Bush)
“Mostly the drummer on this one. Trevor Morais, drummer for The Peddlers. He’s tight on them, knows his way around rhythms. I want a drummer like this. A+++”

Nina Simone – Thandeywe Spiritual 
“Stumbled upon this one. She is the woman I want to be. Consistently affirming that she is a supreme human being. No comment.”

Untitled (Ribs)
“Stumbled upon this one as well. Wack stuff. No artist name, no info….. what are the 92’ Murmuration riots? Don’t know what this thing is on, but it’s serious. It’s nice to listen to someone breathing in a massive church for 3 minutes. Should be on wax.”

‘When I’m older I wanna look back on all of this / I wanna re-invent the future’ sings Guerre on See The Birds from his debut EP Darker My Love out through indie label Yes Please, download here:

Yes Please Records