Weekly updates:


Weekly updates

White Palms is the solo-project of Brisbane-based artist Matthew Cook. Also the founder of Headless Sky Effects (a experimental audio and electronics company) his HANDFUL selection outlines his love of wonky-instrumental-hip-hop. Scroll through the gallery to play.

Teebs – Moments
The atmosphere that Teebs creates in his songs is insane, definitely one of my favourite producers at the moment. This video is also one of trippiest things I’ve seen.

The Avalanches – Tonight
The Avalanches kind of opened up my mind to what could be done with samples. The way they’ve used this sample to make a really loose and unwinding interlude is amazing. Definitely one of the more simple tracks on the album but it always stuck out for me.

Burial & Four Tet – Moth
Was fighting the temptation to just post the five songs these guys have done. All of the songs are amazing and their styles compliment each other so well. The way this song builds around pretty minimal elements into something really catchy and driving is amazing.  Really hope they put out more stuff in the future.

Stereolab – Brakhage
I love the arrangement of this song, it’s so unashamedly repetitive but it never seems to tire or drag on. The vocals really make this song, they’re so rhythmical and really add to the groove.

Sepalcure – Me
These guys are killing it at the moment! Machinedrum and Braille are both amazing on their own but their stuff as Sepalcure has a much lighter feel to it which really works. So catchy.