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When are people going to learn? Sure, we all get a little over-excited when our favourite acts come to town but that doesn’t mean you can absolutely lose all common sense. You can turn from fanboy to total idiot in a hot second and this appeared to be the case at Earl Sweatshirt’s Sydney gig recently.

In town for Splendour, and a couple of other sideshow dates, Earl played at Sydney’s Max Watts and was having an expectedly lit show before his set was interrupted. As evidenced by fan footage, dude appears from behind and hugs Earl, which garners the warranted reaction from the young rapper. A few extra hands (and feet) then help the overzealous fan back into the crowd.

A rep from Earl’s camp has said, “Earl was attacked as far as any artist performing onstage would be concerned that is ambushed from behind, not hugged.” Dude obviously shouldn’t have tried it. Check the incident, as shared via social media, below.

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