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New music from 1300, Adrian Dzvuke, Kash Doll, Dean Brady and more!

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Weekly updates

Welcome to Acclaim Magazine’s Heat of the Week. Here are our picks for the best new local and international releases — Follow our playlist here for weekly updates of the best new music!

01. Dean Brady - Falling

Dean Brady’s ‘Falling’ thrives in a sense of grandeur. Produced alongside Jerome Farah, the track creates an elegant feel through knocking kicks and soaring strings, punctuated by the party-ready undertones of funk-infused basslines. The Brisbane-born prospect sways alongside the bounce of the beat with passionate melodies and an endearing energy.

02. Adrian Dzvuke - NOBODY ELSE ft. Beckah Amani

Adrian Dzvuke continues to solidify himself as a jack of all musical trades with ‘NOBODY ELSE’. This is an arena-ready pop-cut that thrives thanks to the singer’s soaring melodies and the infectious bounce of the afrobeat-inspired drums. Beckah Amani enriches the experience with her soulful warbles, making this bop one that’s bound to remain stuck in your head.

03. 1300 - brb

1300 propel into their pop bag on ‘brb’. The boys are crooning here, supported by an array of synths that range from bubbly bleeps, to blasting EDM flourishes. It’s a testament to their versatility, and an instant highlight from their new EP <3, which you can stream now.

04. Nate G - Fill Up The Bag ft. WILL ECB

‘Fill Up The Bag’ is a motivational anthem thanks to its rap-heavy frenzies. Nate G is on point throughout the whole track, propelling his witty wordplay with fiery flows, resulting in embers that rise above the crowd-raising instrumental. Will ECB is also right at home here, contributing to the energy with an effortlessly sleek approach. It’s fun, and the perfect way to begin your Friday evening.

05. VV Ace - La Vida Loca

If you haven’t come across VV Ace yet, ‘La Vida Loca’ is a a necessary introduction. A club-ready reggaeton-inspired beat sets a dance-inducing tempo, with the Melbourne rapper’s undeniable swagger sounding like the sonic equivalent of a VIP section. He’s effortless with his ear-catching flows, and smooth with his attention-grabbing baritone cadence.

06. Kash Doll - ALL HYPE ft. Babyface Ray

Kash Doll continues her banger-making consistency with ‘ALL HYPE’. Accompanied by Tay B and Babyface Ray, this track is a celebration of grimy Detroit excellence, as each artist delves into barrages of braggadocio. The eerie keys and smashing drums of the production loops in a way that makes every flurry feel like a KO-punch. It appears on Kash Doll’s new Gangsta Grillz mixtape Back On Dexter, which you can stream now.

07. Dxvndre - FARCRY ft. Ill P

Dxndre and III P invoke the energy of an FPS on the fittingly named ‘FARCRY’. They barrage through the battleground that is the bellowing trap beat, letting off rapid-fire rounds of in-your-face lyricism. The result is a crushing campaign where these Sydney spitters give you no choice but to take notice.

08. And Beyond - Dungeons ft. Complete

And Beyond and Complete on the same track is a strong display of Perth power. ZYTGYST’s production pairs woozy synths with thumping 808s, providing the perfect base for ITP’s mixture of melodies and rapid triplet flows. Complete’s gritty cadence serves as a satisfying contrast on the second verse, using a menacing rasp for some bars that are absolutely ravenous.

09. Nate Brazier - YSK ft. Louis Culture

Nate Brazier’s ‘YSK’ is off-kilter in the most satisfying way. Scattered drums slice through the mix, and wonky synths blast with authority. Louis Culture’s unique rap-sung delivery keeps the chaos in control, making for an ear-grabbing slice of avant R&B. Nate Brazier’s EP of the same name is avaliable to stream now.

010. Haz & Miloux - What U Do ft. Diggy Dupé

Haz & Miloux deliver a dose of neo-soul with ‘What You Do’. The production is silky, as Haz pairs smooth keys with springy boom-bap drums. Rapper Diggy Dupé pens a thought-provoking verse over the top, adding his perspective to the track’s narrative of a declining relationship. Miloux reaches high summits with her euphoric vocals on the bridge, bringing this song into an atmosphere of heap-bopping ecstasy.