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Acclaim's favourite new tracks from home and around the world.

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Weekly updates

Welcome to Acclaim Magazine’s Heat of the Week. Here are our picks for the best new local and international releases — Don’t forget to follow our Spotify playlist too, it’s updated every Friday.

01. KVKA - Double Up

Zambia-born, Melbourne-based rapper romanced us with his new EP Cupid’s Revenge on Valentine’s Day, with this joint ‘Double Up’ being an automatic standup. Producer DEER layers warm synths, heavy 808s, and rattling percussion as a backdrop for KVKA to let off melodies with finesse, providing the much-needed energy for a reopened Melbourne. 

02. Nooky - Mungo

This new track from Nowra’s very own is named after the viral ‘Mungo vs. Greg Brown’ fight video on Youtube. This is fitting because the track finds Nooky swinging for the fences. An ominous drill beat courtesy of Mansus sets the tone for this sparring session in song form, as Nooky delivers bars with ambitious aggression, designed to get you war-ready. It’s the first taste of his upcoming EP Lyrebird Park, slated to drop soon. 

03. Reyanna Maria - So Pretty ft. Tyga

Melbourne’s Reyanna Maria’s viral TikTok hit ‘So Pretty’ just got even bigger, with T-Raww himself hopping on for a verse. The minimalist yet bass-heavy beat courtesy of Kato on the Track plates up Tyga’s smooth flows perfectly, providing a 5-course dinner’s worth of raunchy lyrics and bounce. Reyanna Maria’s part remains unchanged, and for the better, as her effortlessly-catchy delivery and confidence remain as ear-catching as when the single first skyrocketed.

04. Pookie - Unstoppable

Who can stop Pookie? No one, especially with tracks like this. ‘Unstoppable’ is a celebration of self-confidence, as the rapper pushes back at external forces trying to hinder her, with a poignant, passionate delivery cutting through adversity like butter. The self-produced instrumental leaves enough room for Pookie’s words to make an impact, with Kumar Shome’s guitar riff wizardry propelling this track into anthem status. 

05. Mahalia - Jealous ft. Rico Nasty

Over the atmospheric guitars and 808s of this single, Mahalia sounds at her best. The Jamaican-British songwriter is feeling herself through her melodies, unphased by the jealousy that comes her way. Rico Nasty also pops up for a guest verse, straying away from her signature aggression and thriving in her ever-improving melodic chops. If you ever need a reminder to celebrate your confidence, Mahalia and Rico Nasty have got you covered. 

06. Sevy - Chop It

Sevy’s new single is a stylish sampler of his versatility. Over celebratory, afrobeat-inspired production from Utility, the Sydney artist delivers raps and melodies with various flows, leaving no stones unturned in this Summer anthem. It’s a different vibe from past singles like ‘Dogfight’ or ‘Lycra’ but solidifies Sevy’s spot as one to watch in 2021.

07. Genesis Owusu - Gold Chains

This new track from Canberra’s Genesis Owusu explores the trappings of fame and the hollowness of the materialism we all often crave. But while the shine of a gold chain won’t bring you contentment, the shimmering funk of this track will bring you comfort. The Love Below-Esque bass and synths propel Owusu’s falsetto melodies and stern raps into euphoria, but he snaps you back into reality with upfront lyrics like ‘When it looks so gold, but it feels so cold inside these chains.’ The track is a taste of his upcoming album Smiling With no Teeth, which is due to drop on March 5th. 

08. Lava La Rue - Magpies

London artist Lava La Rue has dropped their new EP Butter-Fly, a shimmery, soulful collection of tracks about finding your wings through the turbulence of life. An immediate standout is the opening song ‘Magpie,’ with a dreamy, shoegaze-esque instrumental forwarding all the intention to Lava’s mixture of rap and sung vocals, describing their journey through love and insecurities on a flight path to victory. It’s a rewarding venture into Lava’s unique sound, with lyrics that are bound to resonate.

09. Paris Texas — Heavy Metal

LA duo Paris Texas comes right out the gate with originality and undeniable energy in their debut single ‘Heavy Metal.’ The track showcases the chemistry of members Louie Pastel and Felix, as they both handle their verses with tenacity, pairing triplet flows and an animated cadence to prepare you for the pandemonium of the crushing, distorted guitars and eerie synths in the drop. They bring the heavy metal, and they show a high probability of a massive year.

010. Blaze The Emperor - H Town ft. Raiza Biza

Aoteroa rappers Blaze The Emperor and Raiza Baiza take a moment to rep for their hometown in this new single ‘H Town.’ Serving as an ode to Hamilton, each emcee embodies the laid-back nature of the scenery surrounding the city, delivering witty bars over deep 808s and an ear-catching flute sample, making this whole track traverse with an effortless swagger.