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New music from Babyface Mal, KHYA, Jaecy, ONEFOUR and more!

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Weekly updates

Welcome to Acclaim Magazine’s Heat of the Week. Here are our picks for the best new local and international releases — Follow our playlist here for weekly updates of the best new music!

01. Channel Tres - All My Friends

Groove is in the heart for Compton-house trailblazer Channel Tres, as he makes a nod to the homies on ‘All My Friends’. Draped in a captivating bassline, hypnotic keys, and an endorphin-releasing melody, the song serves as homage to Channel Tres’ friends, as he reminisces on their favourite pastimes of breaking curfew, eating udon in Shibuya, and laughing together. Taken off the artist’s new EP ‘Real Cultural Shit’, it makes for a fun and kooky closer that has you craving for more.

02. Russ Millions - Tapped

High-octane drill is Russ Millions’ realm, and he occupies it effortlessly on ‘Tapped’. siren-like synths sit atop chaos-inducing 808s, acting as base for the London rapper’s slick flows and instantly recognisable cadence. It’s one of many moshpit-marauding bangers on his new project One Of A Kind, which you can stream now.

03. Jaecy - Dimensions ft. JaySounds

Calling this new Jaecy song club-ready would be an understatement. JaySounds’ production hypes you up with catchy horns, and has you swaying with fast-paced drum patterns, resulting in the sonic equivalent of the Vodka Red Bull mix you buy at the bar. Jaecy tends to this tempo with an undeniable swagger, sounding confident in the flows he crafts, and grasping your attention with every rap-sung line he delivers.

04. Babyface Mal - Bubblin Up (Get Fizzy)

Babyface Mal masters the vitality of Jersey Club on this new track. A soulful sample is paired with rapid kick drums, and the Melbourne rapper delivers fire-filled barrages of bars throughout. It’s further proof that Mal can flow on anything.

05. KHYA - maryjane

maryjane’ feels like KHYA’s emergence from the smoke moment. The songstress’ warbles wade through a fog of breezy synths, orchestrated by the one and only Vetta Borne. The result is a lavish dose of late-night R&B, perfectly suited for moonlight-illuminated activities.

06. Mike Akox - Suffer Suffer

The Show Man himself, Mike Akox, has arrived back on the music circuit with a BLESSED co-produced track, Suffer Suffer. The track shows Akox traversing a mix of trumpet, guitar and African drums, piecing together a story inspired by a shared passion to donate and give back to underserved children. It’s an upbeat and danceable addition to Akox’s roster of Afrobeat hits, but also sees the artist express sentiments of faith and humility.


ONEFOUR explode on their first single of 2023. An energy-filled trap beat sets the tone for the boys to blast off with their signature stern deliveries, including the menacing presence of a C.G verse. Returning to the fray is Lekks, who makes his presence known with an impassioned rap frenzy. It’s a big statement from these superstars, and an exciting foreshadow of the fire they have coming this year.

08. Glo - Certified Freak

Sliding smoothly back onto everyone’s radar is Sydney-based artist, Glo with ‘Certified Freak’. Heavy in drums, synth bass, and delicately layered harmonies, this song shows Glo tap into a world of expression, unmercifully owning her sexuality, and using the movement of her body to morph into the words she sings. It’s a gorgeous invitation into what Glo has had up her sleeve since her last release in 2020, and perhaps an even better inclination into what is next to come from the artist.

09. Typeboy Kwaba - DEMONS ft. Typeboy Reggie

The Typeboys traverse a smooth atmosphere on this new cut. Airy synths and bouncy drums are combined throughout, resulting in a head bop-inducing hypnosis. Kwaba and Reggie pair laid-back bars and woozy melodies in a seamless manner, as they meander through the mellow.

010. Chrome Face - SUPEREGO

SUPEREGO have created a beautiful piece of pandemonium with this new track. Shoegaze-esque guitars howl, drums crash in scattered style, and distorted-sax passages soar throughout, engaging you with every eccentric flurry. It’s an immersive polymerisaton of pulsating post-punk and glitchy experimental music.