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New music from Headie One, Beckah Amani, Moses, and more!

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Weekly updates

Welcome to Acclaim Magazine’s Heat of the Week for June 28, 2024. Here are our favourite new releases from Australia and around the world this week — Follow our playlist here for updates of the best new music every single Friday.

01. Headie One - Make A W ft. Skrillex, AJ Tracey, BEAM

Headie One’s ‘Make A W’ is a celebration. It’s about overcoming obstacles and striving for success, a grind the UK rapper is no stranger to. On this song, he’s popping bottles in the form of reflective bars and some bellowing bass from Skrillex. And with a slick AJ Tracey verse and sing-a-long chorus from BEAM, the glasses are truly raised. This track appears on Headie One’s new album The Last One, which you can stream now.

02. Bakar, Lancey Foux - Everytime

Bakar going back and forth with Lancey Foux on a track is not something I expected to hear anytime soon. But here they are, trading melodies over some cloudy but chaotic production. These two are an unlikely duo, but they are definitely dynamic.

03. Skepta - Miss Independent ft. R2R MOE

This new Skepta song feels designed for nocturnal hours. The glossy synths combined with the autotuned croons of R2R MOE shine like a city skyline at night. Skepta’s smooth raps are cruisey like a Nissan Skyline, providing the perfect narration for any late-night drive.



04. Beckah Amani - Sober

Every piano key on ‘Sober’ has arena-ready potential. Beckah howls her heart out on every vocal passage, vehemently submerging the mix in her voice. It’s an undeniably triumphant track and a welcome return as it’s the first we’ve heard from Amani in over a year.

05. Squid The Kid - SPEED

This new Squid The Kid cut is perfect for kickbacks. The production thrives with soothing synths and head-bop-inducing drums. Squid lets off massive triplet flows, but in a mellow tone. This South-East Melbourne prospect sounds relaxed, but is absolutely rigorous with the raps.

06. SwimGood, Jordane - U CAN

This new SwimGood song encapsulates the atmosphere of a Summer day. The piano chords sound like they’re gleefully galloping towards the sun. Jordane’s soft vocals feel like a soothing guide that leads you to a smile.

07. Moses - Timbo Type Beat

The title tells you everything you need to know about this new Moses track. The production pulsates with the infectious bounce of prime Timbaland, and Moses gets right to the action, letting off bars in abundance.

08. Curtis Damage - Relevant

Curtis Damage couldn’t stop rapping if he wanted to. As he dishes out ear-catching wordplay over the dusty boom-bap of his new track ‘Relevant’, his ability to pen a verse feels like it’s simply part of his nature. It’s effortless and ember-filled.

09. Miss Kaninna - Push Up

Miss Kaninna switches it up from her previous club-ready raps with the soulful R&B you didn’t know you needed to usher in the weekend. Warm synths, funky basslines, and passionate vocals are more than enough to propel you into a feelgood atmosphere.

010. BLK ODYSSY - STANK ROSE ft. Joey Bada$$

This new BLK ODYSSY song makes you feel like you’re floating through a field of the roses the man is crooning about. His voice is as comforting as a campfire, and each jangle in the production intoxicates you with its dreaminess. Joey Bada$$ also stops by for a verse, meandering waltzing through the wilderness with some wicked smooth flows.