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New music from Billymaree, Gold Fang, Genesis Owusu, 700 Feel and more!

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Weekly updates

Welcome to Acclaim Magazine’s Heat of the Week. Here are our picks for the best new local and international releases — Follow our playlist here for weekly updates of the best new music!

01. Gold Fang - Remedy

Gold Fang continues his streak with ‘Remedy’, a laid-back cut that serves as an homage to his Carribean roots. It thrives in the laid-back energy of Reggae, allowing Fang to bring his multi-faceted talents centre stage, with the sway of the slow-moving production propelling him to new levels of sleekness. It’s set to appear on his upcoming project Smoove Killa, dropping March 24th.

02. Webby - Eurostar ft. kkae

Melbourne rapper Webby’s ‘Eurostar’ is a lowkey dose of woozy trap. His melodies are feint but smooth, complimenting the heavy 808s and an array of synths that make up the instrumental. kkae appears, complimenting thed track’s hypnotic energy with his ear-catching autotuned warbles.


700 Feel’s ‘LESSONS GET LEARNT’ is an excellent display in experimental euhporia. Scattered drums hearken back to the golden era of UK garage, while abrasive soundscapes traverse the wilderness of of the mix. It’s a barrage of bouncy versaitlity from this Sydney duo.

04. Craigiewave - Bad Habits ft. Gabriel LCR

Craigiewave’s ‘Bad Habits’ finds him in a state of reflection, reminiscing on times of a struggle and seeking a way to escape them. He tackles these topics with an array of rap-sung flows that glide over ariy production courtesy of bbsanii, Hancoq, and Robert Greentwell. Gabriel LCR also appears for verse here, contrasting Craigie’s baritone voice with a straightforward but satisfying vocal section. The return of Craigiewave was worth the wait.

05. Juwan - Vent

On ‘Vent’, Juwan does exactly that. Pianos loop in background of the soliliquies of the Queensland rapper’s soliloquies, where he reveals the depths of his daily inner-monologue, and the introspective thoughts he has on his journey throughout life. Juxtaposing the vulnerability is the vitality in his voice, as he switches flows throughout the 3-minute duration, and hones in on his hunger to always keep striving.

06. KYE - Ribena feat. Ayesha Madon - Syrup Version

This new version of KYE’s ‘Ribena’ matches the original in quality, but provides a whole different experience. It’s more spacious, thanks to the plentiful layers atmospheric synths that soar in the background of the instrumental. Accompnaying her smooth voice is thumping kicks, making every point she soulfully articulates more impactful. It also has a feature from Ayesha Madon, who enhances the experience with undeniable melodies. It’s a great reprise, of an already great track.

07. Manny Müla - MT FRANKLIN

Manny Müla solidifies himself as a master of club-ready raps on ‘MT FRANKLIN’. Forgive the obvious pun, but the Melbourne-based rapper is flowing like water, effortlessy riding the West Coast aura of the production with a cold, unabashed swagger. It’s a perfect addition to your weekend playlist, and another example of why the Picked Last crew continues to make waves.

08. Genesis Owusu - Hole Heart

Genesis Owusu produces a true sonic experience of funk, jazz and hip-hop through ‘Hole Heart’. Buried within the production is a story about pushing through the chaos of his past few years, stating that the energy of the track hones in on the idea of “being David when you’re fighting Goliath”. The song shines in its sincerity, featuring a catchy chorus and punching harmonies, all pieced together by hypnotic bass and keys. This track honours the energy Owusu wants to bring into 2023, and we’re eager to hear more of this as the year goes by.

09. Billymaree - BONNIE

Eora-based R&B artist, Billymaree lets us in on an intimate tale through ‘BONNIE’. The track shows the artist delve into a deeper type of emotionality, as she recalls an entrancing relationship she shared with someone. She dictates a story of desire and longing through alluring harmonies and pitched-up vocals, all balanced atop Aywy’s one-of-one R&B production. This song feels like a warning sign, a ‘proceed with caution’ type of entry into the era of Billymaree’s repertoire we’re about to experience, and we’re ready to tackle it with guns blazing.

010. Danny Brown x JPEGMAFIA - Lean Beef Patty

A fever dream collaboration we didn’t think would come, but very much yearned for, has revealed itself through Danny Brown and JPEGMAFIA’s ‘Lean Beef Patty’. Taken from their upcoming album ‘Scaring The Hoes’, the track signifies exactly what the album title entails, featuring a manic mishmash of hard blaring bass, jarring synths, with both artists delivering a feverish and frenetic performance throughout. If this collaboration has already piqued your curiosity, take this song as a brisk walk in the park before a full-wound sprint into their upcoming project.