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New music from 1300, Sudan Archives, Princess Nokia and more!

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Weekly updates

Welcome to Acclaim Magazine’s Heat of the Week. Here are our picks for the best new local and international releases — Follow our playlist here for weekly updates of the best new music!

01. Young Franco - Roll Out ft. Jay Prince, Scrufizzer, Close Counters

There’s nothing like a four-to-the-floor beat to start off a track; Young Franco is evident of this. ‘Rollout’ is the type of house music that makes you want to leave the house, and hit a one-two step in the function. Joining the dance floor is Jay Prince, Scrufizzer, and Close Counters, who as trio add groove-gliding raps and some lush falsetto vocals to the mix. I can’t help it, I’m moving to this track right now

02. Sudan Archives - Home Maker

Sudan Archives’ ‘Home Maker’ swims through a pool of ambience, automatically setting a tone that’s mellifluous. But it doesn’t stop there, as it builds into her airy falsetto vocals that both juxtapose and compliment the introduction of some crushing, analog drums. If you weren’t hip to the LA songstress already, use this unique display of R&B as a kick-off point.

03. 1300 - rocksta

Assemble the moshpit my friends; 1300 have delved into the world of a ‘Rocksta’. The title is apt, because this track shreds, as the rappers snap over the controlled pandemonium of frantic techno, glitchy drums, and bass so heavy that your neighbours may complain. But screw that, invite them over, so they can also experience the banger that is this latest addition to the K-rap group’s rapid rise. It appears on their upcoming mixtape Foreign Language, out April 29th.

04. Leikeli47 - LL Cool J

They don’t call Leikeli47 Big Elly, nor is she a bit silly, but her latest track ‘LL Cool J’ is bound to have your head springing in a constant bop. The beat is minimalist, with rattling hi-hats, a simple snare, and bellowing 808s, which creates the atmosphere for Leikeli’s braggadocious storytelling. The Ladies love L.L Leikeli47, and we do too.

05. Mason Dane - Detached

The new video for Mason Dane’s ‘Detached’ provides a great opportunity to revisit this track. It glides into a sense of euphoria, with somber keys and atmospheric synths sitting atop low-key guitar strums. Mason’s vocal chops over this production immediately cut through, with his passionate, love-inspired warbles adding a blockbuster aspect to this melancholic, airy pop ballad.

06. Princess Nokia - No Effort

If this is Princess Nokia at ‘No Effort’, I gotta chill’ more often. Because the New York rapper is simply talking that ish here, weaving aggressive confidence into stern, catchy flows. The beat is simple, but that’s a superpower here, as it propels Nokia’s nuanced swagger into banger territory.

07. Fly Boy Jack - Saiko ft.

Starting off with strings that feel suited to the set of a Mafia movie, you immediately know ‘SAIKO’ is about to freaking bang. JUJO’s 808s are gut-punch combos, contrasted by Jordan Dennis’ swift triplet-flow jabs that bounce right off your jaw. FLY BOY JACK, is a Voltron-like duo at this point.

08. Joyce Wrice - Iced Tea ft. Kaytranada

Iced Tea is so damn refreshing, and so is this new Joyce Wrice track. Kaytranada’s production provides the formula for the beverage, with synths setting the temperature and the percussion rattling like ice cubes in a glass. Joyce’s mellow, soulful vocals set the taste, with soothing sounds suited to even the fussiest of palettes.

09. Fivio Foreign - Magic City ft. Quavo

Fivio Foreign and Quavo are on a mission here, and that’s to turn Brooklyn into Magic City. If you’re wondering how that sounds, I can tell you that it’s explosive. Fivio and Quavo go back and forth with stacks of bars as if they were throwing hundreds. It’s straightforward, smashing with drill production, and essential for club playlists.

010. Walkerboy - On A Roll

Walker Boy is on a roll like a boulder. His baritone-like cadence perfectly matches the hard-hitting production of UTILITY, who mixes the eerie sounds of 90s Memphis rap with a tempo that feels like its trotting on the West Coast. The Gamilaraay artist raps over the top with an undeniable swagger, letting off fast fiery flows with ultimate ease.