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New music from Srirachi, 6lack, Adrian Dzvuke, Zia Jade and more!

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Weekly updates

Welcome to Acclaim Magazine’s Heat of the Week. Here are our picks for the best new local and international releases — Follow our playlist here for weekly updates of the best new music!

01. Srirachi - El Nido

Srirachi shows us how cute and cheeky can go hand in hand on ‘El Nido’. We see Sriachi possess an endearing sense of coyness in her vocal performance, matched with her iconic uncompromising and clever lyrics that make the song truly irresistible. The infectious and catchy chorus, with its accompanying harmonies, take you back to early 00s Kelis and Christina Milian, as Srirachi paves her own way to a club banger. Noted as one of the most prolifically unique artists across our national hip-hop scene right now, ‘El Nido’ proves Sriarchi as a complete jack of all trades.

02. Forest Claudette - Mess Around ft. EARTHGANG

‘Mess Around’ is sun-soaked. vibrant synth rays, stank-face-inducing basslines and a poignant snare culminate in a feeling that resembles windows-down driving in the Summer. Forest, as expected, is in crooner mode, passionately weaving a tale of love through his melodies. Atlanta duo EARTHGANG provide a feature, accompanying Forest on this vibrant journey with rap-sung flows. This track is one hell of a catchy cruise.

03. Saucy Santana '1800-BAD-BXTCH'

Providing the contact hotline for material girls strictly, is Saucy Santana on ‘1800-BAD-BXTCH’. This track speaks to those “boy, bye” situations, as Santana delivers brainy one-liners, with boisterous proclamations of realness, nastiness, and guaranteed sauciness. It’s a heated addition to Saucy Santana’s explosive roster of charismatic club bangers, filling the cups and plates of every bad bxtch worldwide, ready to eat it all up.

04. 6lack - Temporary ft. Don Toliver

On ‘Temporary’, 6LACK and Don Toliver are like the Starsky & Hutch of swagger talk. The cloudy instrumental creates a cold, late-night feeling, an atmosphere 6LACK is known for thriving in with his feint but open-book croons. Don Toliver’s woozy autotune is a contrast that cuts through the fog, allowing both artists to emerge as a dynamic duo. It appears on 6LACK’s new album Since I Have a Lover, which you can stream now.

05. eleven7four - The One You Call ft. Mikey Dam

This eleven7four track will propel you into a state of movement. Rattling percussion and thumping kicks set a tempo, inciting rhythm in even the most uncoordinated of dancers. A sing-a-long hook from Mikey Dam adds some romance to the mix, making this a cut that’ll have you both swaying, and serenading.

06. Dera Meelan - FACE2FACE ft. Church

Paving a unique and identifiable sound across the house-rap pipeline like no other is Aotearoa’s Dera Meelan, with Church & AP’s, Church, on ‘FACE2FACE’. Dera’s masterful approach to production is meticulous, a student to the craft first, he merges the funk and bounce of house with Church’s vibrant vocals. Dera is an enigmatic producer, utilising his sound to speak louder than all else, whilst Church obtains a level of animation to him that carves out the perfect balance. The two have curated a track best heard bouncing off the tin walls of a warehouse, soundtracking a long, and invigorating night of harmless fun.

07. Adrian Dzvuke - NEW LOOK ft. Tasman Keith

Adrian Dzvuke’s ‘NEW LOOK’ encapsulates the feeling of entering the function in your finest fit. He’s confident as he approaches the four-to-the-floor dance production, culminating in a hook that harnesses the energy of a sweat-soaked nightclub. Tasman Keith also drops a verse here, traversing smoothly over the production, and showcasing his multifaceted talents.

08. Otiuh ft. Cam Deg & Drea - CALM

CALM’ finds Perth duo Otiuh spit alongside Cam Deg, weaving their perspectives on staying content, even through moments of adversity. Drea shines on the hook, with her soulful vocals sliding in the mix beside an array of warm keys. It’s a satisfying conscious posse cut.

09. Gold Fang - Spaceship

Spaceship’ furthers the point that Gold Fang’s talents are seemingly extraterrestrial. The track continues to separate him from his counterparts, enhancing his signature mix of reggae and dancehall with laser-like synths. It’s an instant highlight on his new project SMOOVE KILLA, which you can stream now.

010. Zia Jade - High ft. Nerve

On ‘High’, Zia Jade channels the passion of early 2000s R&B, commanding the track with fervent warbles of UK. She pairs this with UK Garage-inspired production that pairs fluttering keys with the urgent tempo of bouncy drums, creating an endearing and energetic single. Popping in for a quick feature is Nerve, who floats effortlessly over the beat with a quick frenzy of fire raps. Expect this one to be stuck in your head all weekend.