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New music from Tommy Genesis, East Av3, Sleepy Hallow, Billymaree and more!

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Weekly updates

Welcome to Acclaim Magazine’s Heat of the Week. Here are our picks for the best new local and international releases — Don’t forget to follow our Spotify playlist too, it’s updated every Friday.

01. Bawo - Starts With A Text

Bawo ponders the reality of a romance on this new track ‘Starts with a Text’. Daniel Ness and Madeleine Jones set the tone for the tale with dreamy, lo-fi keys, capturing both the majestic and melancholic qualities of the short but sweet concept track, as Bawo details the happenings and emotions of the situation through his smooth, laid back delivery and melodic chorus. It’s a spiritual successor to Soulja Boy’s ‘Kiss Me Thru The Phone’, enriched by introspection and Bawo’s unique storytelling.

02. EAST AV3 - Olympics ft. Raj Mahal

EAST AV3 and Raj Mahal are aiming for gold medals only on this new single. The dense soundscapes of the track toe line between club-ready EDM trap and cloud rap, with bass-heavy enough to blast through arena subwoofers, and an urgent, atmospheric vocal sample that would even leave Clams Casino in the dust on a 100 m sprint. Bars wise, the Adelaide trio and Boston-born, Sydney-based rapper face no hurdles, letting off high-energy flows and fiery verses like they require no effort. Forget passing the torch, this collaborative track is lighting it and punting it way past the finish line.

03. Billymaree - On Top

Billymaree has steadily proved herself as a special standout in an ever-growing local R&B scene, and this new single may be the best example yet. The song has spacious synths that sound as if they’re underwater swirling in the background, but stay afloat thanks to clattering high hats, juddering drums, and a pulsating bassline. Cruising through this ocean of production is Billymaree’s smooth, sincere vocals, as she narrates a quest through love via lush, soaring melodies. It’s titled ‘On Top’, and Billymaree is well on her way to reaching the summit of the music scene. 

04. Tommy Genesis - Peppermint

Tommy Genesis’ ‘peppermint’ is reminiscent of Kelis’ ‘Milkshake’ in all the best ways. Thumping, Neptunes-esque, blasting sub-bass, and a lurking whistle sample create the feeling of a late-night club, with the vibe only being enriched by Tommy’s confident bars and a flow that’s quantized with the track’s undeniable bounce. It’s that classic Tommy Genesis attitude, but at a new altitude of quality. 

05. DJ Nino Brown - Meriton ft. Audemarr

Australian veteran DJ Nino Brown and Sydney-based prospect Audemarr dedicate this new song to the party, using luxury apartment developers Meriton as their muse to create a high-energy, dancefloor-ready anthem. With rattling percussion, bellowing 808s, and woozy synths, the track’s trap tempo provides the perfect backdrop for Audemarr’s versatile flows and melodies. Whether you’re in a luxury apartment, or within the confines of a packed sharehouse, ‘Meriton’ is bound to propel celebrations to the next level.

06. Sleepy Hallow - Mi No Sabe

To no surprise, this new Sleepy Hallow track contains the same uniqueness and fiery delivery we’ve come to expect from the Flatbush rapper. Over scattered drum patterns, a prominent 808, and an ear-catching Spanish sample, Hallow uses the minimalism of Great john’s production to put his braggadocio and stern delivery at the forefront. This song is set to appear on Hallow’s new album Still Sleep?, due to arrive June 2nd.

07. Cochise - Tell Em ft. $NOT

This new song from Cochise finds the rapper continuing to create his obscure world in rap’s current landscape. Equipped with his animated cadence and scatterbrained flows, Cochise attacks each pocket of the beat with energy, as 808s punch and retro synths shimmer around him, sounding like what rap would be if it existed in the Chrono Trigger universe. Alongside Cochise on this journey is $not, whose baritone voice and broody delivery provide a smooth contrast to Cohcise’s chaotic energy. Together, they’re like Starsky & Hutch, and on ‘Tell Em’, they’ve got it clutched. 

08. 88Rising, Rich Brian, NIKI - California ft. Warren Hue

Mass collective 88rising dedicates this new song to the sun-soaked scenery of the golden state, breaking down the ambition and adversity that comes with the location. Warm guitar plucks and 808s are reminiscent of the Summer weather, while the somewhat sombre chords feel as if they’re rummaging through the snow in the ranges of Big Bear. Rich Brian, Warren Hue, and NIKI all take turns on both verses and hooks here, talking through their feelings of being burnt out within the everyday grind. It’s relatable and refreshingly transparent. 

09. Baby Prince - Entirely Broke

Following his moody, RNB anthem ‘OVER SEX’, Brisbane artist Baby Prince is back to up the energy with ‘ENTIRELY BROKE’. The track is rich with trap-esque hi-hats, hard-hitting kicks, and orchestral synths that sound suited for a movie trailer, but find their potential as scene-setters for Prince’s triplet flows and earworm croons. With a diverse style and undeniable star potential, it’s becoming clearer and clearer that 2021 will be big for Baby Prince. 

010. Griff - One Foot In Front Of The Other

Griff’s ‘One Foot in Front of the Other’ is a motivational anthem needed for your Friday afternoon, or in Melbourne’s case, the first day of lockdown. Written amid global quarantines, the British songstress is an open book with her uncertainties about the future and the feeling of limbo in everyday life, but the track documents her journey to find faith in herself; a message she shares with us through her passionate, soulful voice. Stadium-ready drums and striking basslines propel her soliloquy in the background, resulting in a song that’s firm with its enthusiasm, and aims to help you find your footing.