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23 is the jersey number that Michael Jordan wore as a Chicago Bull and as a Washington Wizard. 23 is the number of the bowling lane used by the characters in The Big Lebowski. And 23 is the age of Charlie Yin, the San Francisco based producer who you should already know as Giraffage. For those of you who don’t, then consider this your cheat sheet.

The first Giraffage EP Pretty Things dropped online in 2011, followed by his debut album Comfort later that year. A fuck-tonne of tour dates later, and it’s February 2013 – which welcomed the release of his second album, Needs via Alpha Pup records. Since then, Giraffage has collaborated with friend XXYYXX on a track called Even Though, which was released via Beatport and featuring the track remixed by the likes of Teen Daze, Reid and Slow Magic. He’s ticked all the bedroom producer boxes, having played the LA leg of Boiler Room and at seminal club night, Low End Theory (which happened to get started back in ’06 thanks to Alpha Pup label head, Daddy Kev).

And theeen?

Giraffage has shown love to Australia of late, having remixed the Owl Eyes track Closer and most recently, attesting that chivalry is definitely not dead by remixing the four-year-old viral track Take U to Da Movies by Bangs. Giraffage has the popcorn, but for relevance’s sake, he is trading the movies for da club as he embarks on a national Australian tour commencing this week. Giraffage will also be joining the day one clique at Perth buzz festival, CIRCO on August 17th.

We chat to Giraffage before shit got real below:


<ACCLAIMmagazine> A/S/L?

<Giraffage> 23/M/EARTH.

<ACCLAIMmagazine> What’s your real name, not your cyber name?

<Giraffage> Charlie Yin.

<ACCLAIMmagazine> When did you first join the online community

<Giraffage> I emerged from my mother’s womb hugging a giant Windows 3.1 computer running DOS.

<ACCLAIMmagazine> Be honest, what was your first Internet handle

<Giraffage> [email protected] or snafu in video games/forums.

<ACCLAIMmagazine> Preferred net browser?

<Giraffage> Chrome.

<ACCLAIMmagazine> How many hours a day do you spend online?

<Giraffage> Probably 24.

<ACCLAIMmagazine> Favourite social media network and why?

<Giraffage> Twitter, because I can say stupid things and it’ll be lost in the Twitter feed in a matter of minutes.

<ACCLAIMmagazine> To hashtag or not to hashtag?

<Giraffage> #fuckhashtags.

<ACCLAIMmagazine> What do you think a selfie says about a person?

<Giraffage> Insecurity.

<ACCLAIMmagazine> Who is your biggest online influencer?

<Giraffage> Cher.

<ACCLAIMmagazine> What was the last thing you looked up on Wikipedia?

<Giraffage> ‘Diplomatic Immunity’.

<ACCLAIMmagazine> Where is your favourite place to shop online?

<Giraffage> Ebay or weird forums 8)

<ACCLAIMmagazine> How does your online identity compare to your IRL identity?

<Giraffage> It’s similar but things tend to go through more of a filter IRL.

<ACCLAIMmagazine> How has the Internet helped to develop your creative endeavors?

<Giraffage> I wouldn’t be here at all without the internet. People used to make fun of me for using the computer all the time, but who’s laughing now?! Ha ha ha ha.

<ACCLAIMmagazine> How do you keep up with the constant evolution of online tastes and trends?

<Giraffage> It’s not really a conscious effort. When you’re on the internet as much as me the online tastes and trends present themselves to you.

<ACCLAIMmagazine> Best GIF going around ATM?



<ACCLAIMmagazine> Can you show us a meme that best represents you?



<ACCLAIMmagazine> Final words to the haters?

<Giraffage> Eat a dick, hater!


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