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Obey City isn’t a place where fat kids flock to on weekends to binge on fried food – that’s McDonald’s. Obey City is the alter ego of Sam Obey, an infectious music producer with a low BMI and steady count of BPM. Alongside Kuhn and Paul Jones, Sam Obey operates Astro Nautico – a record label, blog and family based in Brooklyn. Astro Nautico also hosts monthly parties at Freecandy and does things like, oh you know, casually take over Boiler Room. Honourable mention to their Boiler Room effort a few months back when they squeezed in sets from Obey City, The Range, Time Wharp, Lord Raja, Chits, Michael Jukeson and Paul Jones in the space of four hours. Also shouts to the Astro Nautico crew for having a blog design that is neater than whiskey.

Obey City has produced for Flatbush Zombies, done time with Baauer and if that don’t impress you much, then take note of Obey City’s recent signing to Glasgow label, LuckyMe, who released his first official EP Champagne Sounds back in August. For those still parched after hearing Champagne Sounds, the good news is that a followup EP called Merlot Sounds is due for release later this year. If you’re concerned about suffering from dehydration before that happens, then quench your thirst at Boney in Melbourne this Saturday, where Obey City will be playing live for The Operatives website launch.

We broke our diet and chat with Obey City below:

<ACCLAIMmagazine> A/S/L?

<Obey_City> 26 / M / BK.

<ACCLAIMmagazine> What’s your real name, not your cyber name? 

<Obey_City> Sam Obey.

<ACCLAIMmagazine> When did you first join the online community?

<Obey_City> Damn. Maybe like back in ’95, ’96? When AOL keys still opened doors.

<ACCLAIMmagazine> Be honest, what was your first Internet handle?

<Obey_City> My screen name has always been spamuelplz.

<ACCLAIMmagazine> Preferred net browser?

<Obey_City> Goggle Krom.

<ACCLAIMmagazine> How many hours a day do you spend online?

<Obey_City> Maybe 2 – 3?

<ACCLAIMmagazine> Favourite social media network and why?

<Obey_City> YouTube, because of all the amazing music I discover on it.

<ACCLAIMmagazine> To hashtag or not to hashtag?

<Obey_City> I only use hashtags ironically.

<ACCLAIMmagazine> What do you think a selfie says about a person?

<Obey_City> I’m self-absorbed-ie.

<ACCLAIMmagazine> Who is your biggest online influencer?

<Obey_City> Lord Raja.

<ACCLAIMmagazine> What was the last thing you looked up on Wikipedia?

<Obey_City> Chondrus crispus.

<ACCLAIMmagazine> Where is your favourite place to shop online?

<Obey_City> eBay.

<ACCLAIMmagazine> How does your online identity compare to your IRL identity?

<Obey_City> More or less the same.

<ACCLAIMmagazine> How has the internet helped to develop your creative endeavours?

<Obey_City> It’s helped indefinitely by spreading my music throughout the world. It’s also an infinite source of inspiration.

<ACCLAIMmagazine> How do you keep up with the constant evolution of online tastes and trends?

<Obey_City> I don’t :/

<ACCLAIMmagazine> Best GIF going around ATM?

<Obey_City> I don’t know if this one is still going around, but it’s one of my favs of all time:

<ACCLAIMmagazine> Can you show us a meme that best represents you?

<Obey_City> This is also a GIF, but:

<ACCLAIMmagazine> Final words to the haters?

<Obey_City> I C U but I DON’T C U


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