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After a big year, 2 Chainz is getting some well-earned me time. Chilling out after watching the Miami Heat take the NBA finals again, Tauheed Epps gave ACCLAIM the opportunity to talk about what’s next. “I feel like it’s my time right now, and of course everybody needs a little me time,” 2 Chainz said, explaining the title of his forthcoming album. Right now he’s gearing up for the September 10 release of B.O.A.T.S. II: Me Time, his second solo LP. Its Pharrell Williams–produced lead single ‘Feds Watching’, with its Miami Vice vibe and fashion-focused one-liners, is authentic 2 Chainz. But the rapper said he’s going for something new with his sophomore effort.

“I feel like my music is something that takes people away from their everyday activities,” 2 Chainz said. “I really experimented with different sounds and different producers trying to make something that would take people away euphorically.”

While the Chainz camp gets ready to drop the Feds Watching video, a clip 2 Chainz described as elegant and classy, he’s adding some speed and torque to his brand with The Fast and the Furious franchise. He and Wiz Khalifa struck a digital hit with We Own It, an amped-up anthem played beneath scenes of Vin Diesel and The Rock blowing shit up and crashing cars any man would kill to test drive in new movie Fast and Furious 6. “It’s an honor being a part of the Fast and the Furious,” 2 Chainz said. “Wiz and I performed the song at the premiere in L.A., and it was amazing. We two of the tallest rappers out here.”

When asked if he plans on bringing his talents to Australia at some point in the future for a show or a tour, he said it’s already in the works but wouldn’t give any details.

It only takes about six minutes into a 2 Chainz Google search to find out that Duffle Bag Boy (a song famously associated with Lil Wayne) is actually a 2 Chainz song from his days as half the duo known as Playaz Circle – back when he was known as Tity Boi. Why would he give up the unique moniker Tity Boi, you may wonder? Well, we asked.

“I think it was just a natural progression,” he said. “It was something I was yelling before my songs. I don’t even remember when it happened. Even on the intro of my Playaz Circle album, I said ‘2 Chainz.’ So, It was just something natural that caught on. 2 Chainz also means a second chance.”

2 Chainz has had quite the second act to his career since changing his name and disassociating himself with former label Disturbing Tha Peace. In the course of one year, he took over American radio and clubs worldwide with his first solo hit Spend It and high-profile collaborations Birthday Song and Beez in the Trap. His debut album Based on a T.R.U. Story hit number one on Billboard’s Top 200 (a feat megastar Rihanna only recently accomplished) and now he’s an internationally known rapper.

“A number of things helped me get a different audience,” 2 Chainz said. “Mercy was [what made me realize I had become super famous]. But last year I did 98 features. This year I did 35.”

So how much is a feature from 2 Chainz going to cost you these days?

“You know what they say. If you have to ask, you probably can’t afford it. Its going to cost you at least a car. That depends on what kind of car you like, though.”

2 Chainz & Wiz Khalifa – ‘We Own It (Fast & Furious)’ is out now on iTunes.