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In addition to the three runway shows relaunching Donatella Versace‘s ‘Versus‘ diffusion line, the designer ensured two of her favourite artists made the bill. Grimes and Angel Haze took the stage at the designer’s party a couple of nights ago, performing short sets throughout the night decked out in Medusa heads and shiny Italian gold, in true Versace fashion. The FADER caught up with Grimes and Haze prior to the show to discuss all things music and Versace. Grimes expressed her relationship with the fashion house, explaining:

I won’t even call them a brand, because it’s a family, Donatella and Allegra. And I just feel like they’re really strong women. And we’ve sort of become friends. And it’s stuff I actually do wear, because it’s vampire-chic“, while Angel Haze recalls her first memory of the designer, explaining, “I love Donatella because she’s so fearless. The first thing she ever said to me was be fearless, be provocative, and fight for your dreams. Favorite thing ever.

Read the interview in its entirety here.

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