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At just 23, Jessie Andrews has already amassed an incredibly diverse list of job titles, even though most people will recognise her from a select few of her career choices. “I never want to have to rely on one industry to keep me alive.” Her work as a DJ has demanded most of her energy recently and we’ll get to see her live performance in Australia later this year as part of Stereosonic’s recently announced massive line-up. We caught up with the self-described ‘modern woman’, ahead of the festival run, to get to know her musical side and how she’s preparing for one of the biggest shows of her career so far.

Photography by Sarah Lovrien.

Hey Jessie, what’s news?

Everything, always! Just thinking of things to do to stimulate my brain.

You’re coming to Australia soon right?

I am! It just got announced I’m doing Stereosonic Festival! You don’t even know how excited I am about this!!

You’ve travelled here a bunch before. Do you have any favourite spots to hang?

I have, I really love to hang at cafes. My favorite breakfast spot is Room Ten in Potts Point, Sydney. Best breakfast in Melb, Auction Rooms! I could probably live in Messina.

How do you find being on a big festival bill?

It’s a surreal feeling. I haven’t been on too many festivals. I usually play smaller clubs where I headline, so it’s a whole different ball game.

Are you used to being on the road now? Any tour tips?

Travel with a carry on. Bring a neck pillow. Some socks. Snacks. And If you’re bored on a plane and can’t sleep, scroll through your photo reel ;)
You’re allergic to alcohol, right? And you’ve said previously that you don’t do drugs. How do you balance that with the contemporary EDM scene? For better or worse, it seems to go hand in hand with drug use.Yep, 1/4 Asian. Never done drugs. When I DJ, I want to be professional. You wouldn’t show up to work drunk, right? But I stay clean so everyone else can have a good time and not have to worry about me not doing my job :) 

How long have you been producing music for?

I guess since 2013? I started doing mixes in Ableton in 2012. 

You’ve remixed Flume previously, any plans to link up with him while you’re out here?

Nothing planned. Maybe he’ll be doing Stereosonic as well

Aside from your role as a musician, and a porn actress, you’re also a jewellery designer and a model. Did you always intend to diversify across multiple industries?

I have duplicate copies of my driver’s license, social card, favourite pair of shoes, and buy things in multiple colors, same style. I think that says something about myself haha. I want to be sure I can have a back up in case the first thing gets destroyed. I never want to have to rely on one industry to keep me alive. So maybe it was my plan all along?
Is Jessie Andrews a brand? What do you represent?
90% of my life is Jessie Andrews the brand and human. I represent the modern woman. The other 10% I’m sleeping. 

Does the brand leak into your personal life? Is it hard to separate the two? 

I guess the brand is my life. I think if you do that, it becomes the most real.

Are you planning on building an empire?

That’s the plan.

So what is the modern woman?

It’s my always-changing idea of what I believe in and the want to inspire others.

Was the biggest attraction of porn the business side?

As a performer, there’s not much business to be had. It’s sex, money and knowledge.

Which of the three is more important?


Have you ever considered getting into the production or talent management side of the industry?

When my agent Mark Spiegler decides he wants to quit, I’m 1000% taking his job. Or his assistant George. 

As all your other business avenues continue to expand, do you think you’ll leave the adult industry?

Who knows what the future holds. I love every job I do, and that’s why I do it. There’s no shame, guilt or regret. I plan my life a month ahead at the most, but I couldn’t tell you what’s gonna happen in a year or five. I could be dead.

Jessie Andrews will be playing at Stereosonic 2015. For more festival information, head here.

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