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Introducing: Nyuon

We get to know the up-and-coming Melbourne talent, following the release of his debut album and latest video

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He prefers to stay low-key but you’ll be seeing a lot more of local hip-hop artist Nyuon. He has been thrown into the spotlight after he scored the runner-up position at last year’s Melbourne Music Bank competition and has been steadily dropping gems on us ever since. Having moved to Australia in 2001 with his family, the young rapper/producer’s sound certainly reflects a universal influence that is sure to appeal to the vast, millennial fanbase. He’s just dropped his debut album, as well as his latest music video, for his single ‘Hoyts’. We caught up with him to get to know a little bit more about his story and you can check out his vibe in the fashion editorial and music video in the gallery above.

What made you get into music?

I grew up in the Sunday School choir, so music was always apart of my life. I think what got me into music the most though was watching music videos like ‘What’s My Name’ by Lil Bow Wow and Snoop Dogg back when I was a kid living in Kenya. When I started to write my own music it just flowed and I used it as a platform to express myself creatively outside of my everyday activities and studies.

How would you describe your sound?

My sound is very self-reflective and cinematic. I’m still discovering it but at this point I’d like to think that my sound is cool and calm with thoughtful lyrics.

What are your biggest musical influences at the moment?

I’m always on the internet trolling Soundcloud for new artists to listen to, and not long ago I discovered Bryson Tiller so I think subconsciously he is influencing me at the moment.

You were the runner up for the Melbourne Music Bank comp? How did it feel to get that far in the comp?

The Melbourne Music Bank comp was a dope experience for me! I entered with no expectations at all so to make it that far was a surprise, it pushed me to set new goals and believe in myself more.

What’s your favourite thing about Melbourne?

My favourite thing about Melbourne is chilling with friends in the CBD or down Chapel Street on the weekend and bumping into someone random from a completely different world than the one I live in. I love meeting new people and learning new and interesting things.

You look pretty natural in front of the camera, does fashion play a big part in your life?

Ahaha.. For some reason I always feel awkward in front of cameras but I’m slowly adjusting to it with practice. I’ve always been into fashion and try my best to look fresh. I think that started from a young age, going to church every Sunday was almost like a fashion show were mum would have us dressed up in our nicest outfit.

Tell us about your debut album.

It’s called BYMYSELF and I think listeners should expect to be taken on a trippy journey through my mind as they listen from start to finish. The whole project is fuelled by recent experiences so it touches on a lot of different adventures I’ve had.

Anything else you’re working on at the moment?

Right now, I just finished up a video called ‘HOYTS’ that is very progressive! Thanks to Director George Kelpa, along with the best film and creative crew around. Everybody should go check that out!…. Other than that, I’m just working on new music, more visual projects for BYMYSELF and getting involved in more creative collaborations.


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