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Weekly updates

It’s been a minute since any skittish bitch news. To be real, this new piece of news isn’t really of the skittish variety but more the girl-crush-dick-riding variety of girl interactions which is actually just as annoying but markedly less entertaining.

It would seem ol’ Lady Gaga is working her way through the black rap community like a white rural Victorian girl with a point to prove after a Ghostface gig at the Espy and a six-pack of Woodstocks under her belt. Whilst the Kendrick Lamar collab is apparently done and recorded, Mother Monster is now making moves on the female rapper du jour, Azealia Banks.


“When Mother Monster calls …” tweeted Azealia Banks. Later followed by… “Shit is about to get very fucking real.”

Gaga confirmed that talks were taking place when she tweeted back to Azealia:

“Can you make ’99 Problems’ my ring tone for when I call you, and then shout ‘Bitch Ain’t One’ at me when you pick up?”

Oh Gaga, you’re so hood! LOVES IT.  *CRINNNNGE*. Banks later responded with…

“Talking to Lady Gaga on tha twitta … NBD,” before adding: “HUGE DEAL. (sic)”

It has also been speculated Banks is close to signing on to appear on an upcoming leg of Gaga’s Born This Way Ball tour. But the question remains, who will be the next rapper to feel the clingy cuddle of the Mother Monster?