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Weekly updates

Some say YouTube is the world’s biggest record label. At any rate, the internet and self-broadcasting has changed the music biz for good… and democracy has never sounded so catchy. We brought two of the biggest proponents of online omnipotence, Chippy Nonstop and Hot Sugar, along with their friends Jessica, Alektra and Kaylani together for a shoot in our AUTHENTICITY Issue. Fittingly, the idea for the shoot all started online with an innocent viewing of Chippy Nonstop’s ‘Money Dance’ video. The sight of a 21-year-old writhing on a bed of Pokémon cards instantly ground productivity in the ACCLAIM office to a halt.

That scene seemed to be the perfect articulation of a cultural shift – a confusing mash-up of coded signifiers that blurred the lines between fantasy and reality, irony and sincerity, nostalgia and #relevance. Plus, the girl can twerk with the best of them. As a performer Chippy is indicative of an emerging group who have found their platform for creative expression online. Amongst their ranks is her collaborator and friend Nick Koenig AKA Hot Sugar, the New York-based producer who creates compelling dance beats from pastiches of esoteric samples (think drum lines made from the sound of a rat’s heart beat). While the creative output of the pair couldn’t be further apart stylistically, their means of engaging with their audience (and their critics) is based around a mutual love of all things digital.

Photography by STACY LEIGH
Styling by ROSE GARCIA
Styling assistant HILKA MOTA
Make-up and hair styling by SINEM CETIN
Additional models from REALDOLL.COM

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