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James Van Der Beek is a pretty convincing Diplo

Get your tickets to The Mad Decent Block Party, fam

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With the 2016 Mad Decent Block Party around the corner, who better to advertise it than everybody’s favourite Dawson’s Creek star, James Van Der Beek? That’s a good question, I mean he’s easy on the eyes, but I’m just as confused as you are. In the absence of label head, major troll, Diplo, Van Der Beek flexes his acting chops as he steps into the international DJ’s shoes, giving us an ‘insight’ into a day in the life of the musical superstar.

So what does Van Der Beek’s version of Diplo’s life consist of? Here’s a hint: waking up in silk pyjamas to the sound of a personal harpist, women twerking in hallways, flying money, elves, the overuse of the word “fam”, random ninja fights, and ending the day by riding off on a white horse. ‘Diplo’s’ response to his extravagant lifestyle? “Nah, it’s just life, fam. It ain’t no different to any of yall’s”.

My personal favourite part is the iconic mic drop-style sword throw at the end of the kickass ninja fight. Check out the outrageously brilliant promo for yourself. Fingers crossed there’s another hilarious promo ad in the works, and if that’s the case, you better give the Mad Decent Block Party Facebook Page a like and a follow on Twitter so you don’t miss it… fam.

Tickets to the Bud Light presented Mad Decent Block Party are available online.


  • Words: Monique Buccheri

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