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Singer M.I.A. is no stranger to controversy. And neither is Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. But one thing I would never expect is the two actually collaborating in any way – though that may be because my mind is a little too conformist to conceive that idea.

No matter how strange it might sound, this collab actually happened at Maya’s New York show over the weekend when Assange beamed in via live (glitchy) video feed to promote their shared passion of sticking it to the man. More specifically, he lauds M.I.A. as “the most courageous woman working in Western Music,” bags the US government (of course) and encourages the fans to oppose the “military occupation of cyberscape.”

With an increase in anti-authoritarian activity from the Matangi singer lately, I’m sure this is just another of many headline grabbing stunts to come. You can check out a fan-shot video of the full speech above.

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