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Weekly updates

In the latest instalment of “Kanye Says The Darnedest Things” comes this string of tweets apparently addressing (yet again) Yeezy’s attempted stage-crash of Beck and some other stuff we had no idea about. Completely out of the blue, Kanye West tweeted the below ‘apology’ to the Grammy winner.

Kanye was obviously not content with the warm, fuzzy feeling that would have obviously sent out into the world, following it up, shortly after, by these tweets that bring to light a never-before-mentioned ‘hate’ for current chart-topper Bruno Mars. And an unashamed call-out to have him feature on an upcoming track.


I’m sure we’re all eagerly awaiting to hear responses from either artists to this uncharacteristic public show of remorse from Yeezus. Personally, I want to hear a cut from this 88 Keys-produced track. For more URL Kanye, keep an eye on his Twitter timeline here.

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