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Kanye’s 1997 beat tape is the saving grace we need right now

Some tunes to chill you out when Ye is spazzing on the news

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There’s been a lot of hype around Kanye this week. Then again, that’s nothing new considering there’s pretty much always some kind of buzz around Ye. With that interview on Ellen still doing the rounds on just about every news feed on every platform, a decent blast from his ex-bodyguard, and a potenial lawsuit on the rise for ‘New Slaves’, there’s no denying the Yeezy has his hands full. So in times like this, where his media personality can be somewhat overwhelming, it’s always nice to take a trip back to our baby Ye for a reminder that there is a reason he has remained one of the most relevant people of this generation.

Coming from the year 1997, when he became a college dropout, the beat track that just hit the internet features some jiggy and piano-heavy beats but all with a big splash of Ye, especially considering these are mixes he would have pulled together on his own. Made before he had any word from Jay Z, this track gives a good insight to Kanye before he became the Kanye we know all too well. So chuck in some headphones and let Ye serve you a lowkey reminder that he’s always been on his own level.

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