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Killer Mike’s penchant for cut-and-thrust political statements was front and centre when he appeared on Real Time with Bill Maher Friday night to discuss racism, the hip-hop connection, and tensions in Baltimore. When the topic shifted to Right wing American shock host Bill O’Reilly, Killer Mike really started up.
“I like Bill O’Reilly as a character” Mike said, “I hate [that] old white people take him so seriously.”

He continues to suggest a couple of times that O’Reilly is a character despite Maher’s insistence that the dude is legit. You know O’Reilly expresses some sinister opinions when the musician who participates in a project about being as ridiculously villainous as possible thinks that the guy can’t realistically be so vocally discriminant. O’Reilly’s opinions on rap last week were the catalyst for the discussion. On his show, the political commentator suggested that the rise of hip-hop’s popularity was to blame for the dwindling number of Christians in the US.

Mike caps off the discussion by saying that, if Bill O’Reilly is sincere, then he’s going to fight him some day (we’d really love to see that). He also dropped a few excellent additional put downs about the man. Check out the excerpt plus the extended episode footage in the gallery above.

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