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Kojaque and Luka Palm’s Guide to the Irish Music Scene

Dublin’s rising hip-hop stars Kojaque and Luka Palm shed some light on the music scene in Ireland and give us the lowdown on some of their favourite Irish music-makers.

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Dublin’s rising hip-hop stars Kojaque and Luka Palm have dropped a brand-new single, ‘Airbnb’, out now via Kojaque’s own imprint Soft Boy Records and Australian indie label Dew Process.

2019 has already been a big one for Kojaque, whose Deli Daydreams project has taken him far beyond the city of Dublin that inspired it. The tape is based around a week in the life of a deli worker and became the first in its genre to be nominated for the prestigious Choice Music Prize in Ireland. Along the way, Kojaque has built a dedicated global audience, selling out headline shows and performing at festivals like SXSW and Glastonbury, as well as being invited to tour with Slowthai and Lana Del Rey.

Luka Palm, a fellow member of Soft Boy Records, is a Swedish-born rapper who grew up in Dublin, and has been a staple of Ireland’s underground hip-hop scene since the release of his track ‘Pink Lady’ back in 2015. Currently a member of Kojaque’s live show and a close collaborator on previous tracks, the duo have linked up for a joint EP, Green Diesel.

We caught up with Kojaque and Luka Palm so they could shed some light on the music scene in Ireland and give us the lowdown on some of their favourite Irish music-makers right now.


Kean Kavanagh is a little weapon, co-founder of Soft Boy Records and a fuckin’ sicko himself. We’re working on recording more of his shit so that the world can enjoy it. His voice is like butter.

I always sing Junior Brother’s praises any chance I get because I think he’s one of the most exciting writers and musicians to come out of Ireland in a long time. His album Pull The Right Rope is pure poetry from start to finish.

Fontaines D.C are a fuckin’ amazing band. We ended up playing most of the same slots at SXSW this year and they smashed it. Love their energy and their lyrics and stage presence, [they’re] absolute rockstars and they’re up for the Mercury this year, I’m praying they win it for the parish!


Wastefellow is one of my favourite producers. I’ve always been mind-blown by the stuff he makes, he is a genius. He’s done work on tracks with us before like ‘Date Night’ and ‘Airbnb’. He released an EP on my brother’s label Lyxliv called ‘Cola’ under the alias ‘Wastee’. It’s sick you [should] check that and all of his other music out.

I grew up with Bobby Basil, hanging out with him and seeing him work was something that always motivated me to work on my own stuff. My favourite track by Bobby is a song called ‘G-Train’ that he made with Wastefellow, it’s cold. I listen to it all the time. Go check his new album Isaac Nelson.

Gaptoof is my guy. He produced my tune ‘San Pelly’, which was my first proper song. I always fucked with his beats but he’s got a bunch of new shit coming soon and it’s insane. I wish he released more stuff because it’s all nice, but go check out his tape Motorola.

Kojaque and Luka Palm’s EP ‘Green Diesel’ is out now, check it out here.

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