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Weekly updates

Looks like Sony might be regretting that infamous $1 million signing deal. Have you heard about Kreayshawn’s debut album dropping last week? Well, turns out no one else has either. The young female rapper’s debut release Something ‘Bout Kreay has broken records and not the kinda ones any record company ever wants to break. The release now goes down in the hallowed halls of music history as the lowest first week sales by an artist on a major label. Ouch. The album only sold 3,900 copies in its first seven days, which in a country the size of the US amounts to like -111898979754 sales in Oz standards.

I guess this serves to show that tumblr fame, twitter followers and youtube watches really don’t amount to album sales…. Maybe this would be a different story if the album dropped in the peak of Kreay fever but now that the girl rap trend has evolved and now includes some pretty talented girls like Azealia Banks, those stoner girl grating ‘raps’ really don’t quite cut it. As I read on one rap blog in relation to the news, for once “HIP-HOP WON”.