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If you didn’t guess it from the tag line, we’re talking Kurt Cobain. It looks like his childhood home may become a museum – if they can successfully crowdfund this idea. Seems pretty random but very cool and of course, it all started with a diehard fan.

Cobain’s mother listed the 1.5 story Washington house for sale for $500,000 – despite the fact that the house itself is valued at less than $67,000. A Nirvana lover from Portland, Jaime Dunkle has jumped on the opportunity in hope to own the place, turn it into a museum and really make a statement.

“We’re making sure this house is memorialized by us fans so it doesn’t end up in the clutches of capitalist greed. This museum will reflect the anti-commercialism spirit of Nirvana”. 

To up the appeal of donating, Dunkle recorded a video of Cobain’s bedroom, showcasing his stencilled walls and pensive window. Rewards for donating too include a one-year membership to the museum for $15, five years’ membership for $50, a DIY shirt with Cobain quotes handmade by Dunkle and a few other incentives including a sleepover?

Get in on it here.