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Head of Fool’s Gold Recs and influential producer A-Trak has penned a philosophical blog post that encapsulates a lot of the talk around recreational (or even creative) drug use in hip-hop, posing the question – Has Hip-Hop Entered Its Psychedelic Stage? While the pairing of drugs and music is not an unfamiliar concept, undoubtedly explicit drug use referencing is seemingly moving from an occasional lyric to part of modern rap’s identity. Listing the palpable role drugs play in the work of artists like label mate Danny Brown, the ‘Adderall Admiral’; Juicy J and The Weeknd, A-Trak gets pretty deep pondering if his admiration for drug infused rap is reconcilable with his own actively drug-free career. Ultimately it’s pretty heavy that the majority of these raps pose chemically enhanced lifestyles as idyllic, when the adverse health affects are all too real. A-Trak concludes the post by calling for artists to start talking, naming Trinidad James as someone he thinks deserves to be made ‘sweat a little’. What do you think?

Check out the full blog post here.

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